1979 Ford F700 with Pitman PC1300 digger derrick.

Photo on right shows PC1300 before rebuilding. During rebuild digger carrier and pole claw were removed. Digger and pole claw can be attached for use when needed.
Plate on unit shows maximum lifting capacity of 13,000 lbs. Bucket is pin on type and can be removed or attached in a few minutes. The crane has 3 stages.
Main and second stage are steel, third stage is fiberglass. Working height is 42'. Dual controls allow operation from either side.
A valve body for remote control rods was mounted near the base of the boom. Mechanical remote controls consisted of a phenolic type material inside of metal tubes. The operator could move levers near the bucket for manuevering. Remote control rods and levers are shown on top of boom in picture on right. These controls would get stuck and cause the operator grief if near an object. Remote controls were removed for this reason. The PC1300 was bought for near scrap price and needed attention. Getting it back to good operating condition was a learning experience. The PC1300 is very handy for lifting heavy objects, setting trusses, trimming trees, or other jobs requiring an elevated work platform. It also can dig a 14" hole up to 10' deep for pole sheds or fence posts.

A 3 1/8" wrench was fabricated from metal tubing to remove the huge nut on end of extension cylinder. The service manual stated torque of ~400 ft lbs. Piston seals had been in service for over 30 years and showed considerable deterioration. Oil was leaking from all cylinders. Extension cylinder, outriggers and lift cylinder wear components were replaced. Extension cylinder was manufactured by Great Bend Industries. Great Bend Industries provided piston and gland nut packing for extension cylinder.

Turret gearbox bearings and seals were bad. Gearbox was noisy and had leaked out most of its 140 wt gear oil. Gears and splines were in good condition with minimum wear. Various stages of turret gearbox during rebuild are shown. All gaskets were hand made using a 3oz hammer and the peen method. Unit is smooth and quiet with no leaks after rebuild.

Second and third stages assembled.
Tip winch housing primed and painted.

Changing a rear tire on the JD 410 using the PC1300.
No need to strain and wrestle heavy tires anymore.

Digging 14" holes has never been easier.