Upstate SC Railroad audio server.

Upstate SC Audio server is no longer active.

Spartanburg SC railroad audio

Listeners will hear NS/CSX separately when using stereo headphones or speakers.
The following NS/CSX RR frequencies are received for upstate SC and areas of Cleveland, Gaston counties in NC.

  • [AAR56] 160.950 NS Road
  • [AAR80] 161.310 NS Channel 2
  • [AAR32] 160.590 CSX Road (ex-SCL Charlotte Subdvision)
  • [AAR59] 160.995 CSX FE Dispatcher (ex-SCL Charlotte Subdivision)
  • [AAR84] 161.370 CSX FG Dispatcher (ex-Clinchfield)
  • [AAR39] 160.695 CSX FG Dispatcher (CN&L Sub)
  • [AAR54] 160.920 CSX FE Dispatcher (Belton Sub)
  • [AAR58] 160.980 CSX FG Dispatcher (Spartanburg Sub)
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